Music – Toronto

Are you a person or program? The Watchtower.. The collaborative brainchild of emcee/producer Beaugé & singer/songwriter Soleil; the Watchtower ep is a project born of a kinship sparked by a chance meeting at an open mic night. Inspired by various Neo Soul/ Hip Hop/Jazz/Blues & Psychedelic rock muses; The Watchtower is an experience, a mood, feels , vibes that escape the current landscape to create its own world. Produced by the enigmatic Ethics, multi instrumentalist producer Just Unlimited & Beaugé (executive producer/mix engineer), The Watchtower pays homage to those that came before without pantomiming the legends. A 5 song journey featuring duet pieces as well as solo records showcasing each artist's dimensions respectively while adding depth to the vision that is The Watchtower. The Watchtower is a project made for heads that live with music, listen, love, live, share and connect through rhymes, beats, life.