Visual Art – Sacramento

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I currently live in Roseville, California, just outside of Sacramento. I graduated from the California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy concentrated on Applied Ethics and Law. I also have a minor in Criminal Justice. I am particularly passionate about volunteering and have served the community in a number of capacities, most notably as a member of JusticeCorps (a subset of AmeriCorps) providing legal assistance to those who couldn't afford private attorneys or needed help within the legal system. I also currently serve as a docent for the Saint John's Center for Real Change in Sacramento, California. I have taken part in exhibitions in some local galleries, and have also donated paintings for charity auctions such as for Crime Stoppers and the Niello Ranch Run. All proceeds were donated. As of 2020, there are no public collections containing my work. However, I have been selling pieces privately since 2003. Typically, my buyers purchase a piece because it resonates with them in some way or it is bought as a gift for a very close family member (often spouse or adult child). It is extremely humbling and warms my heart to know that the piece of my soul contained in each and every painting may resonate with someone so much that they welcome the piece into their home and within it see their own meaning. I create pieces to show what lies within. Emotions, thoughts, feelings, experience - we each live within our own reality at the same time as sharing a reality with one another. I create my art work to get at the core of what it means to be alive.