Beauty – Atlanta

Whether I am cutting, coloring, or styling; Hair has always been one of the most fulfilling ways to express my passion. For over 15 years, I have gained a wide variety of experience and knowledge within my craft. There are so many unique doors to open in this industry. I am very grateful to of walked through many of them. Beachy brides in Florida, editorial entertainment models in Detroit, or my weekly Atlanta soccer moms all have one thing in common; they are beautiful in their own way and showcase a certain feeling and contribution to the society that we live in. And I get to be part of that creation! Yess! What a thrill! If I can share even the slightest bit positivity from my hair art to this world, then I know it's a sign of a job well done! I always try my best and give my all to whatever I may be working on. It is pretty neat to love what you do! I am excited for what comes next but I do not forget to be grateful and really live "in the moment". You never stop growing and learning and hair is ever- changing. It keeps me on my tippie toes and feeds what I believe is part of my purpose here. I'm glad to be part of this industry and couldnt picture myself doing anything else.