Hamptons Drone Art

Photography – The Hamptons

I'm a professional drone pilot and artist based in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, flying commercially since 2017. As owner of Hamptons Drone Art, LLC, I specializing in fine art drone photography, videography and FPV flights. I have done everything from real estate to content creation for major corporations and even have my photography works on exhibit in Italy and England. I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous organizations, including National Geographic, Discovery, Hulu, BBC, Disney and most major news outlets. I started off flying small non automated drones and fell in love with flight immediately. I quickly graduated to a camera drone and found the new perspective of my home vicinity captivating. I try very hard not to put out "cookie cutter" images. When I began to capture the marine life off the coast of New York, I hit my sweet spot. I invest a tremendous amount of time in editing. Sometimes one piece will take me months of work to make it just perfect in my eyes. 2023 has been my most successful year to date and began with being honored as a Global Woman to Watch 2022 by Women and Drones, then published in Reporters without Borders 100 Photos from Around the World. In the summer months both me and my shark footage was featured on National Geographic and BBC. I received three Siena Drone Photography Awards this year. I also was the photography winner at the California Drone Film Festival 2023 and Arizona Drone Film Festival 2023. To top it off I had two magazine covers, Dan’s Papers and Hamptons Social. My passion is capturing the beauty of our oceans, earth, it's landscape and wildlife from the sky. I use drones to offer a unique perspective of marine life, farms, and waterways providing visual stories of the Hamptons and the Atlantic Ocean most people have never seen before. I use my photography and videos to inspire others to appreciate, respect and conserve our natural resources.