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Music – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised on the tropical island state of Singapore, Enya - who goes by the stage name NyaLi - holds fast to her first love, Disney music, as manifest in The Little Mermaid. She began with classical lessons in piano from a young age and was schooled in the style for a good decade - at which point she ventured into singing, which has since become her primary music role. Her interest for the (then) hobby saw her through graduation from the National University of Singapore, where she majored in Political Science. Following, Enya soon commenced her most ongoing musical chapter yet, attending Berklee College of Music on scholarship, where she would pick up songwriting, dabble in production, music technology, and a myriad of genres she at best scrapes the surface of still. Enya graduated with a dual major in vocal performance and music production in the Fall of 2016, and currently resides and freelances in studio and live vocals in Brooklyn NY. ...more