Rasa Vitalia

Performing Art – San Francisco

~Rasa Vitalia, Dance Artist~ Arguably San Francisco's top dance artist, Rasa Vitalia performs around the world, celebrating the essence of life with her fluid, beautiful, divine, joyous, and sensuous dance form- Rasa Dance. Rasa Vitalia is an international professional performance dance artist, choreographer, and instructor, putting her artistic creativity and flair in her dance performance. Rasa has over a decade of experience and discipline in multiple dance forms, including Belly Dance (Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Turkish, Persian), Afro-Brazilian Samba, Modern Dance and Funk/Soul Boogie. Rasa also incorporates healing disciplines of mindfulness, meditation and yoga into her art. In her dance, she combines joyful, innovative world dance and soulful meditation. With a strong focus on performance, Rasa Vitalia has danced as a solo artist to audiences in cities throughout the U.S.A., and has contributed her talents with array of world-class, internationally known & grammy nominated musicians. Offering her performance talents and innovative ideas to the world, Rasa Vitalia tours as a solo artist as well as with her bands. Rasa Vitalia is based in the USA and is Bi-Coastal which includes California & New York. Rasa Vitalia puts on shows and teaches workshops nationally and abroad and will come to your town. Like all great artists, Rasa plumbs her soul to bring out the essence of life in her performances to enrich the lives of her audience. This makes her one of the most sought after performers in the dance and music scene and a performer you will never forget. Website: http://www.RasaVitalia.com Videos: http://www.youtube.com/RasaVitalia