Roxie Moxie

Performing Art – Austin

Roxie Moxie is a glam-punk-rockin’ streak of flash and sass. Standing 4’10” without the heels (and she is rarely without), this tiny, tenacious teaser commands the stage. A classically trained dancer, Roxie began burlesquing in 2006 when she co-founded the Lollie Bombs, a contemporary burlesque ensemble. Since then, this hot little bump-and-grinder has continued to experiment and test the limits of burlesque performance with dynamic acts ranging from the sweetly adorable to the tastefully disturbing. In 2008 Roxie relocated to Seattle, where she co-founded Stripped Screw Burlesque – a burlesque dance troupe with a decidedly modern take on the art of the striptease. Roxie continues to perform all over the country, and most recently took the stage in New York City where she played the part of Feral in SHINE: A Burlesque Musical in the NYC Fringe Festival.