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Music – Brisbane, QLD

Hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe, Mufaro is a Brisbane based R&B/Soul and Jazz hybrid. Having moved to Australia at the young age of 9, Mufaro had been passionate about music and singing and took every opportunity and competition that came his way. He grew up listening to R&B legends such as R.Kelly and Usher, as well as musical queen Beyonce and hip-hop icons Eminem, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Inspired by the work and artistry of the musicians he grew up to and others such as Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, Mufaro is blessed with the natural ability to draw influence from his inspirations in music, allowing him to transcend genres. In 2015, Mufaro began studying at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, majoring in Jazz voice performance. This further developed his musical and vocal knowledge, allowing him to reach hybrid status. Having delved in the worlds of rap and music theatre, Mufaro has found his natural calling to creating music with a mix of R&B, Soul and Jazz vibes and aims to bring a new wave of music to the industry. ...more