Saturday, June 6, 2020

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Special Video Announcement

On Saturday, June 6, 2020, we’re calling all artists, performers, musicians and makers nationwide, RAW Artists or not, to join us in a massive movement we’ve titled The National Arts Drive.


A special message from our Founder & CEO

As the world’s largest independent arts organization our mission for over a decade has been to provide tools, resources, education, and exposure for independent creatives everywhere. And there has never been a greater time than now, to double down on that mission.

According to a recent survey, 64% of artists and creative workers are unemployed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and 95% reported losing revenue as a result of the pandemic. In addition to these staggering job loss numbers, opportunities for artists and creatives to be seen, heard, and supported through events, gigs, showcases, markets, and tours have vanished completely, almost overnight. And with no definitive date that we can pinpoint for a return, the creative community as a whole is hurting.

As a creative events platform, we’re wounded too. But these are not the times to roll over and give up! These are the times to stand firm in your values and act in service with the resources you have available to you. Over the past couple of months, our team put our heads and hearts together to figure out how we could help. And here’s what we’ve got:

On Saturday, June 6, 2020, we’re calling all artists, performers, musicians and makers nationwide, RAW Artists or not, to join us in a massive movement we’ve titled The National Arts Drive.

We’re calling on artists everywhere (RAW Artists or not) to perform, showcase, and display their work on front lawns, driveways, balconies, windows sills, or from the front of a participating local business (where safe and applicable). This movement is an effort to raise both awareness and financial support specifically for, and directly to, the artists of our generation that have been deeply impacted by this global pandemic.

While we appreciate the virtual world and all that it provides, we also know that nothing compares to a real-life art experience.

In addition, we’re inviting the community to take a drive through their city blocks and suburban streets to see and hear the vibrant creativity that is living within their own neighborhoods. But, not only to enjoy the sights and sounds of our creative culture but to also directly support local artists through a socially distanced touch-free digital map that our web team here at RAW has built.

During the driving experience, "Drivers" will be able to donate to artists from a distance as they approach installations and performances. They will also be able to engage with participating artists on social media and/or visit their online shops for future purchases.

This is a completely free community and artist experience. There are no fees to register on the map and no ticket sales necessary for Drivers. All donations from the public go directly to participating artists.

Our RAW team is producing this movement across 10 major US cities, as well as select locations in Canada and Mexico, however, if you’re interested in being an ambassador for your city, town or country or offering street-facing space for artists, and/or partnering with us in any capacity, we welcome your support.

In 2009, I started RAW from my kitchen table with only a few certainties, that creativity deserves to be seen, heard, and supported and that we’re stronger together than we will ever be apart. I’m calling on the creative community to come together across borders and boundaries and mediums to speak up and show just how powerful the arts are, together. And I'm asking the community to stand for the notion that supporting and incubating our creative culture is a necessary and important part of preserving it.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Creativity & Justice for All,

Heidi Luerra

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