Dearest RAW Artists & Supporters,
After a very challenging period of time for our creative community as a whole and the world-at-large, we’re happy to report our plans to officially return in 2021! I want to thank each and every artist and ticket holder that has stood with us, supported us, and helped get us to a place of cautious optimism for the next iteration of RAW Artists Inc. We could never have done this without your grace. We are so very grateful for your patience, and generosity during one of the most turbulent times we’ve ever experienced.
We used this downtime to examine our entire organization top to bottom, as well as rearrange and reorganize our operations to ensure that we’re prepared to enter the new world of showcase events safely, with our mission as strong as ever.
We’re also excited to bring you what we believe is a new and improved RAW experience on all fronts next year. However, that doesn’t mean this next chapter will be without sacrifices. Due to the global pandemic, the face of events will likely be changed forever. As a result, there will be alterations to the submission process for both new and existing RAW artists, refinements in how artists join a future RAW showcase; and a number of previous programs will be eradicated. We also want to ensure all are aware of the fact that it may take a while to get back to where we were before the pandemic struck, so your continued patience is appreciated. Nonetheless, we believe that the changes we’re making are all, ultimately, for the betterment of our community and the service we provide artists and creatives globally. We’ll be sharing the finer details as they relate to you in early 2021.
Lastly, this reexamination has led us to conclude that we will be structuring RAW in the United States differently from an operational standpoint as well. As we move forward into the new world we want to include creative entrepreneurs that are local to the communities that we serve not only in our plans but our overall vision for the future as well. We want to partner with YOU! We’re looking for showcase producers with an entrepreneurial spirit and an immense love for their creative community to join our 2021 Renaissance, and to help us shape the new era of the independent arts community worldwide.
If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder in RAW’s return in 2021, please join the mailing list below for more information. The Renaissance is Coming!
In the meantime, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season and close to the year.
Creativity & Justice for all,
Heidi Luerra
Founder & CEO
RAW Artists, Inc

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