Around the world, RAW garners attention for the multitude of creativity that we have the honor of showcasing. Check out some of our favorite articles here.

"A groundbreaking local arts movement"

"The organization provides a launchpad"

– Apparel News

"Fashion, art and music converged."

– Apparel News

"RAW is an independent organization pushing up and not a behemoth squatting down. "

– Adobe Airstream

"RAW is an opportunity for artists to showcase their unique talents and original works."

– ArtsNFashion

"We're pleased as pie that an organization like this exists!"

– Refinery 29

"[RAW], where you'll find all the art, music, fashion, and inspiration you could want."

– Flavorpill

"The creative juices will be flowing ... throw in the latest work from nearly two dozen [local] artist"

– The Seattlest

"An event that combines Art, Music and Fashion in a fun and inspiring showcase of various talents."

– Chicago Fashion Connect

"With the hottest looks, bassiest beats & sickest art, this collective is driven by natural ability"

– Nitevibe

"RAW is a catalyst to exposure & opportunity."

– News Observer

"Unlike your run-of-the-mill art show..."

– 303 Magazine

"Artists connecting and growing are two things RAW is passionate about."

– NBC 10 Philadelphia

"It's a unique and awesome thing for the local art community!"

– Molly McLean - Minneapolis

"RAW is rapidly becoming known as a positive catalyst for the arts in our community."

– Bill Morrisey

"RAW is an amazing creative force that brings so many artists into the spotlight"

– Jill Meyer

"Real working artists making strides toward something greater, helping each other get there."

– Christine Saari

"As an independent artist, you can feel very alone chasing your dreams. RAW brings artists TOGETHER."

– Collin Marrero

"RAW is innovative, fresh, and needed in the arts community."

– D'Ann Lynch

"We are visionaries and need an outlet. RAW was a great fit!"

– Veronica Benton

"A cross pollination of artists, fans, and art lovers all in one place ..."

– Almost Classy

"RAW gives the underground, unknown, local artists a chance to tap into a community of creative minds"

– Robert Piper

"We need more opportunities, like RAW, for creatives to collaborate, bounce ideas of each other & a"

– Nadine Schmoll