Visual Art – Miami

Gü(\\)Z is Born and Raised in Miami Florida his Art Education started at a young age with many forms of Media training from Charcoal to Pastels to Water Colors to Carvings to Paper Mâché all trained by The Great Fran Apenzeller. She not only showed him techniques but made sure he studied The Masters Like Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Picasso who all influenced Gü(\\)Z. Studying Their Lives, Going to Museums, Sitting in front of their Painting for hours and Knowing The History of Why They Painted it was Part of Fran and Her teachings and She also told him that Paintings Have to be in the Most Original Form So True Collectors can admire It. With A Passion for Fine Art since a young age influenced by the Changes in his Life Past and Present Gü(\\)Z has Evolved.