Blue Phoenix Art

Visual Art – Seattle

Formerly Rainbow Courage Studio, Seattle Finalist for RAW Artist of the Year, 2x Stevie Award Winner for Women in Business \"Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.\" There are terms to describe my creativity… “Synesthesia, Acquired Savantism and Accidental Genius\" are all thrown about among experts talking about how I suddenly discovered the ability to paint 3 years ago. I was an award-winning entrepreneur before the “mild” traumatic brain injury that changed my life. I was at Costco, when the hatch of my SUV dropped on my head. It has been a long recovery, during which I was encouraged to paint. I dismissed the idea, as I couldn’t even draw a stick figure! When I finally gave it a try, I can’t explain what happened next - my hands simply knew what to do. I transformed into an insatiable artist overnight. This is what it means to be an Acquired Savant. I am self-taught, and I have never taken an art class. I simply sat on the floor of the art store and allowed my hands to explore what felt right. My journey through art healed me, and now I feel called to help others discover the profound healing power of art…something that I only discovered by accident. I approach every canvas with no plan. The key is to silence my inner critic while I allow the process to unfold. Each painting becomes a journey that conveys its own transformational arc with layer upon layer of emotion. In the end, I peer into myself through the lens of the art, and I am grateful.