Bodies Adapt | Hannah Chertock

Visual Art – Washington

Hannah Chertock is a photographer, paper crafter and book binder from Maryland. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Arts with a Bachelor of Fine art in Photography and Certificate of Product Innovation in 2016. She curated the Senior Photography Exhibition The Fox Behind Our House, May 2016. Her work has been featured at Adah Rose Gallery in Kensington, Maryland, The Anderson Gallery in Richmond, Virginia and literary arts journals such as Medical Literary Messenger and The Tulane Review. Her work aims to heighten body awareness by making viewers think about how they experience senses and movement. She manages an Etsy shop where she sells body inspired intricate, layered paper creations including tunnel books, metallic renditions of organs, and journals. Metallic papers represent the technologies often involved in surgeries like joint and organ replacement. Her artwork strives to create a sense of awareness and appreciation of our bodies through the experience of art.