Craft – Toronto

Designed with a thoughtful care and environmental considerations, every Candeloon candle is a one-of-a-kind item made of high-quality ingredients. Our candles are handcrafted locally with a pure and natural soy wax ethically produced and free of additives. They are scented with a Non-toxic fragrance made in Grasse (France), free of animal products, phthalates or carcinogenic particles to avoid any respiratory discomfort. They are creating a cozy atmosphere throughout your home thanks to the soft crackling of the natural wood wick. Our creations delight your eyes and create surprise by adorning a layer of sparkles that brighten with the glow of the flame as a final touch. Candeloon's candles are considered by our customers as modern and stylish elements of home decoration with customizable handmade stickers according to seasons and special occasions. Candeloon is a unique and refined experience that provides soft and soothing emotions you'll certainly love. Tania Cummins, a French artisan in Toronto.