Chris Olguin

Visual Art – Calgary

Chris Olguin, a visionary artist who weaves visual stories that transcend language barriers. With a passion for blending reality and imagination, she invites you into a world where colors are alive, emotions speak, and stories unfold. Her Mexican origins inspire the symbolic language and colour expression behind her work. Chris discovered a profound connection to art from a young age. With an innate ability to translate emotions into visuals. Chris embarked on a journey of self-expression that has since evolved into a body of work where art becomes mirror to her soul.  Her artworks effortlessly traverse the realms of realism and abstraction, leaving viewers enchanted by the delicate balance between the two. Through her art, she encourages viewers to delve into their own perceptions and emotions, sparking conversations and connections.  Beyond the canvas, Chris is known for her inspiring intuitive art workshops, making kids happy with face painting for kids events and engaging community murals. She believes in the power of art to inspire change, and her commitment to using art as a tool for positive impact is evident in every endeavor she undertakes. She currently resides in Canada and her work can be found in Calgary and Mexico like Poxindeje Mexican rural school community mural colab, in Calgary at Centre for Newcomers “Diversity Mural” colab, Highlandpark Community mural, Ramsay Co-op Housing “Reconciliation Mural” colab, Chinookblast with Spanic Arts colab, Women’s Day “Vecinas” at the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary With Mexican Women Artists, Group Exhibition for unveiling “Resiliency” sculptures at Telus Convention Center, Calgary Artist Studio Tour 2023, upcoming Artist Residency in Greece for Autumn 2023 and private collectors.  To connect with Chris Olguin,  follow her on social media [@TheFlowandArts]