Cinderellas Glass

Craft – Victoria

I am a small batch Magical Glass artist who draws inspiration from the whimsical side of life and selects playful, celebrated colours that invoke happy nostalgia to compose my works. Patterns, texture and surface decoration motivate my play. For the receiver of my glass to hold a beautiful object that entices one to explore its surface is something that I strive for. I want you to pick up a drinking glass or other glass object and feel connected to it through its colours, form and texture. I work as a solo glass blower in my studio on Vancouver Island and learnt to blow glass in New Zealand; where I grew up. I was very fortunate to help make the blown glass for the Hobbit movies while I was attending the Wanganui Glass School. I love having colour on the outside of my glass so it becomes tactile ~ I love using colours that push and pull the form and enjoy experimenting with colours that create interesting reactions on the glass surface. Being immersed in the process of blowing glass is my passion. The intensity of the act is something I love and my glass in turn is my honey. That is bees live to produce honey and I live to produce glass.