Corazon Creations & Co

Craft – Toronto

Corazon Creations & Co was established in 2020 by Melissa Mano. Melissa always had a passion to help people and started the business creating custom soaps and candles to help people through aromatherapy , crystals and essential oils. Corazon Creations translates to Heart Creations because everything is created with love by Melissa and her family. Now her business has grown to include various types of custom work! Melissa not only still creates all natural soy candles and soaps but also other bath & body products as well as customized apparel and housewares I.e. sweaters, aprons, glassware and tumblers. Melissa also creates artwork focused around music that also uses different mediums and carries handmade jewellery. Corazon Creations also creates gift sets for all occasions such as brides made and groomsmen gifts. Corazon Creations & Co, is the place to go when you’re looking for a unique item for yourself but also for a gift.