Don R. Harrison Jr

Visual Art – Philadelphia

Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, in the Germantown section of the city, I have always had a passion for the Arts and being creative. Although I’ve only taken one Art class in my life, I have always possessed the drive to develop new and creative pieces of art. Even without a vehicle to drive my Art sales and generate the much-needed exposure to be successful as an artist, I was still driven to express myself artistically. When I was in High School, I took one print making class that exposed me to my innate ability to be creative. Not making the art for sale, yet more so just using the craft as a stress-relieving outlet, I made many pieces weekly. The beginning of my Artistic exploration began back in High School with that Printmaking class, and after graduating and moving onto college, this exploration lay dormant for about 4 years until after I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus, with a degree in Sociology and a focus in Race Relations and Ethnic Diversity. Realizing after I graduated from Penn State that I was wasting valuable time and money going out every weekend, I decided I needed to once again find a hobby to which I could more positively devote my efforts, I remembered the joy that Art once provided me years ago when I attended Central High School. So with the desire to create risen to the surface, I ventured to the Pearl Art Supply Store