Alanna Richardson

Beauty – Calgary

My name is Alanna Richardson and I am an experienced makeup artist in Calgary Alberta! I first started esthetics doing permanent makeup, and then I ventured off to eyelash extensions. A little back story of how I got into makeup was I have always had thing for beauty, I’ve always taken great care of myself and enjoy making others feel beautiful. I like to do a lot of photo shoots ( just for Fun and memories) and I was always hiring someone to do my makeup. Not because I couldn’t do it myself but I just liked the entire experience of having everything done for me and getting my photo taken. In my opinion is it a very empowering experience. So after a few times of working with an amazing makeup artist, I decided to get her to certify me. Since then I’ve done makeup for fitness competitions, instagram models, weddings etc. I enjoy making people feel beautiful and taking some stress off their big plans. I would love to be apart of this collaboration as it would be an amazing learning experience. I am very personable and have a natural talent. I’m looking forward to your response and thank you for reaching out to me to be apart of something so great!