Performing Art – San Jose

Introducing Alexus, the poet and storyteller, Her words flow like music, a sweet and sultry caller. Hailing from the east coast, she weaves tales of love and desire, With an artistry so profound, it'll set your soul on fire. Alexus is a wordsmith with a passion for the erotic, Her verses are a symphony, each stanza a hypnotic. She writes about everything, from love to heartbreak, Her words take you on a journey, leaving nothing at stake. Fashionable and creative, Alexus is a force to be reckoned, Her pen is her weapon, her words are her weapon. She'll captivate your senses, taking you to new heights, With each stroke of her pen, she'll light up your nights. So come and join Alexus at her next poetry show, Experience the magic, let your heart overflow. Let her words ignite your passion, and stir your soul, And see why Alexus is poetry's crown jewel.