Music – Calgary

Jananie is an emerging Canadian/ SriLankan Tamil singer/songwriter and visual artist. She originally trained in Carnatic Indian classical music as a child, and was later influenced by R&B, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Reggae and Neo Soul. Having grown up in a musical family, Jananie draws from the wide range of styles she was exposed to, creating music which genuinely reflects her experiences, internal awareness of self and the evolution of her perspectives. The layers of meaning in Jananie's lyrics are coded into her hand painted cover art. Jananie naturally finds a way to musically express and extract beauty and insights out of her perceptions of life and the human condition. Jananie's live performances are immersive and thought provoking. Jananie released her first EP "Grey" in 2022. She just released her first single of 2024 on April 19th "Murmurations". Her new album "Laminar Flow" is due to be released in October 2024.