Music – Miami

Alayo. (born May 13, 1995), is a 27 year-old Miami based singer/songwriter, musician and producer. The New York City-born artist’s music is a soulful experience as she uses her melodies to take you on a ride through her life and sound. Alayo.’s musical journey began at the age of 9, where she began taking guitar lessons and playing in her school’s choir. Attending a performing arts high school from 11th to 12th grade, she taught herself how to write and produce her own songs. In 2013, she formed a band called Nostalgic Minds with her classmate, Femily. The band went on to perform on Telemundo, NBC 6 in the Mix and was even featured on the app, HQ Trivia. During the pandemic, Alayo. released her debut solo album “Clouds in the Room”. She also wrote the title track for the independent film, “Underneath” which won her ‘Best Song’ at the Vegas Movie Awards. She is currently working on her next solo album as well as producing the debut album for Miami’s up & coming powerhouse vocalist, Jezzivette. Alayo’s approach to music is exciting and bound to captivate those who come across it. Looking to become one of the many faces for the upcoming generation of South Florida’s artists. An artist to watch.