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Biography of Kandace Cornett-Fitts Introduction Kandace Cornett-Fitts, a dynamic and passionate makeup artist from Morristown, Tennessee, has been a beacon of confidence and beauty in the lives of many. At 26, she has carved a unique path in the beauty industry, driven by a deep love for makeup, skincare, and fashion. Early Life Born and raised in the charming town of Morristown, Tennessee, Kandace’s early life was enriched by the presence of her supportive family. With one brother and two sisters, one of whom was adopted six years ago, Kandace’s childhood was filled with love and learning. Her mother, her biggest supporter and best friend, played a crucial role in nurturing her dreams and ambitions. Education Kandace's initial career aspirations were far removed from the world of beauty. She was on a path to becoming a nurse, a profession she admired for its dedication to helping others. However, fate had other plans. 7 years ago, Kandace discovered makeup, a field she previously knew nothing about. This discovery ignited a passion that would reshape her career trajectory. Career Entering the beauty industry seven years ago, Kandace became a self-taught makeup artist. Her talent and dedication quickly made her a sought-after freelancer, specializing in pageant, runway, and bridal makeup. Despite the challenges of growing up as the bigger person and striving to fit in, Kandace's resilience and determination helped her build a thriving career. She now travels extensively, bringing her makeup expertise to clients far and wide. Personal Life Kandace's love for travel, reading, and all things beauty is matched by her dedication to her education. Currently enrolled in aesthetician school, she is also planning to return for her nursing degree to become a medical aesthetician. This combination of skills will allow her to blend her love for makeup with her desire to provide comprehensive skincare solutions. Significant Life Events One of the most significant events in Kandace’s life was the adoption of her sister six years ago. This experience deepened her understanding of family bonds and the importance of support and love. Another pivotal moment was her decision to pivot from nursing to makeup, a choice that has defined her career and personal growth. #### Conclusion Kandace's journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the impact of following one's passion. Her goals are ambitious: to start her own makeup and skincare brand, launch her business fully, give back to her community, and support her family as they have supported her. Through her social media presence, Kandace inspires others to embrace their inner beauty and build their confidence. Kandace Cornett-Fitts is more than a makeup artist; she is an advocate for self-love and confidence, aiming to touch lives and make the world a more beautiful place, one face at a time.

Showcasing at REVIVE

August 28th, 2024 @ 6PM CDT