Trip. Button. Bustle. by Kim Hardin

Fashion – Providence

I am a Children's Designer located outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I attended Otis College of Art in Los Angeles and Austin School of Fashion Design in Austin, Texas. I enjoy sketching, illustrating, painting, patterning, and fashion designing. I started as a Toy Designer on Girls Brands in California at Jakks Pacific and Mattel. While there I worked on Disney, Nickelodeon, Polly Pocket, and other brands. After having my four kids, I realized what a better designer I could be for children with my new perspective as a parent. When my daughters were crawling and learning to walk, I would love to dress them up in beautiful dresses. This was the age where they wanted to be on the move, crawl, pull up on things, and practice their new steps. However, their pretty dresses would always get in the way and cause them to trip, fall, or slip. I wanted to invent a dress that they could wear while still crawling, climbing, and standing. The solution also needed to be comfortable for the baby and easy for the caregiver. Out of this, the fashion line Trip. Button. Bustle was created. Trip. Button. Bustle is an adaptive fashion line that makes life easier for caregivers and children.


September 19th, 2024 @ 6PM EDT

September 22nd, 2024 @ 12PM EDT