Kristi Schmit

Accessories – Omaha

I love underwater creatures. I love how they move, their brilliant colors, and their mysterious and unique lives. I create my seashell necklaces and wooden badges from the inspiration that I draw from these creatures. The tools of my trade are a scroll saw, a drill press, jewelry wire, and an assortment of paints and tiny brushes. Each animal I paint is a character with a personality, and I always include a story with each piece of jewelry I make. I want the natural state of the shells I use to be reflected in my work, so I don\'t discriminate against shells that may have small \'flaws\'. Not everything is perfect in the natural world, but it all works together harmoniously. I want the wearer of my jewelry to feel beautiful, natural and bright. All of my accessories are sold under the shop name Watercolor Submarine, because I want my shop to be a vessel that is used to explore a vibrantly painted underwater world.