Lala's Little Art Studio

Visual Art – Calgary

Hello, I'm a self-taught mixed media artist, playing with paint (acrylic/oils), clay and nature. I'm obsessed with pine trees - the way they sway in the winds, their fresh smell, sheer longevity, nurturing the forest animals, and pure resilience! I crave mountains and forests to soothe my soul. I'm hoping to start my second life soon as a full-time artist and make all things forest-related. My latest tree sculpture (seen in photo) became my healing tree, and I envision this tree sculpture being a special custom gift for someone as a symbol and celebration of their life for those who have moved on, or a celebration of two lovers joining, or their family journey or a tree to symbolize the steps (mushrooms) to recovery. Endless possibilities! I love thick and textured art- with a touch of whimsy.