Nico Christodoulou - Nico's Cool Shots

Photography – Toronto

My name is Nico Christodoulou and I've moved here in Canada from Greece with my family, currently living in Hamilton Ontario. My journey in photography started in the '80s, the Era of 12-24-36 in 35mm film. When you had to make every shot count, as apart from the restriction in number of shots, you had to buy the film, pay to have it processed and also pay to have your shots printed! How much different from today?! And, eventually you slowly become better and better in photography at a cost, unlike today. The digital photography makes things so much easier, to experiment and get better and more creative. And the journey goes on and on, learning new things and getting better! That's why I love photography! It's never-ending, it's always challenging to get the "perfect shot"! Finally, photography is my "therapy" and it has helped me pull through, many rough patches in my life so far.