Anne Hannan

Visual Art – Calgary

I grew up in Montreal & have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (dance major) from York University in Toronto. I now call Calgary home. To make use of a large accumulation of pointe shoes from ballet dancing days, and an explosive desire to create I started exploring expression through Mixed Media. I am very inspired by the variety and vibrancy of colour found in nature. I use vibrant colours and the energy of movement inherent in pointe shoes to create each piece. To date I have created over a dozen unique wreaths with painted pointe shoes surrounded by silk flowers. The effect of colour on our emotions and mood is a source of great fascination for me. Following this direction, I have started creating a number of single pointe shoe pieces featuring primary and complimentary colours. Native North American cultures are very integrated with nature and use vibrant colours in their art. I have started using reference to these cultures with feathers and beads contrasting them with the pointe shoe which is decidedly of European culture. I wish to further explore the tension & integration between the 2 cultures through my art.