Sarah the Bookwyrm

Craft – Toronto

Hello friends! I'm a 28 year old Ottawan who moved to Toronto to pursue my career in Television Production. For the last 8 years, I've been in this wonderful city doing what I love, educational TV shows for kids, in my maternal language, French! Indeed, it's TFO, not TVO, although it is the branched out French sector of TVO. I also live with my own mental health battles, notably anxiety. In 2023, I found this craft called needle felting thanks to my best friend and it started occupying more and more of my time till before I knew it, I had created 40 Pokemon, a Spongebob Squarepants, a Knuckles the Echidna and started creating a felted bird for my friend's late pet to put in her tree this Christmas. I've continued to push new techniques to experiement, create my own stands to stand them up for the best views and the occasional hiccup to correct thanks to my dog, Winnie, who usually thinks they're toys. Needle felting is a fun way for me to be creative, to utilize a trial-error mindset without waste of wool telling myself it's ok to make mistakes and to disconnect from the online world by working with my hands. My anxiety usually manifests itself when I pick my skin in a stressful situation, as you'll see in person. If you ask me if the red scarred spots on my skin are insect bites, I will gladly explain that "No, it's how my anxiety comes out." Crafting means I'm using both of my hands, so no hands is available to create new scabs. Fun fact: my original goal was to create every Pokemon and have them scattered. 1008 Pokemon is a tall order, so I'll settle for a bunch of fun decor in the character of your choice. They each have their own fun personality to incorporate.