Satin Suede

Music – Providence

I spent my first 14 years of life living St. Lucia. Being born and mostly raised in the Caribbean is no different from being a foreigner of any other origin. I come from beginnings more humble than many but still more than fortunate enough. I was raised by an amazing woman who was all about making moves. Once my mother moved our family to the United States I did my best to stay out anything crazy. Not having any friend to get in trouble with lead to me developing a few musical skills, skills that I still use everyday. I started rapping because of poetry but fell in love with it because of comedy. Before I got any better there were plenty of reasons to laugh at some of my bars...still. Making people laugh only added an element to it for me. Once I decided to go to college everything music took a back seat. I basically stopped. I could blame school for my set backs but that would just be an excuse. I had more than enough time to still pursue my craft and I didn't. But in that time I learned more than I ever thought I would about music and myself. I released my debut project Fresh Off The Island in 2016 under my then artist name Suede The DJ. A year later I released two additional projects and was progressing nicely. Due to legal issues I was forced to change my name and basically start over as an independent artist. So I changed my name to Satin Suede. That's all I got for you right now