The art doll

Visual Art – St. Louis

All my life I've been a creative person, with a very vivid imagination. As a child i watched my father paint & would mimic his action on the wall. Growing up i lost site of art but fell in love with it once i took a drawing class in college. That course changed my life. Once i saw what i can turn my imagination into it was only up from there. Once i learned how to paint i created a signature style of faceless paintings. I would leave my paintings faceless to allow the viewer to see themselves in the art. This have been my most popular and known style in my pieces. As an artist i am consistently pushing myself to learning new techniques and explicating different walks of life for inspiration. Being an explorer and an artist i intend to leave behind thousands of originals to carry on my legacy as an artist.

Showcasing at AKWABAA

August 22nd, 2024 @ 7PM CDT