Abigail Rose
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Music – Nashville, TN

Nashville native, Abigail Rose showcases her soulful, evocative delivery and pop-laden sensibility through her unique sound. The lyricist writes of love, coming of age and life to present authentic and unfiltered music. Her single, “the risk,” encompasses the same authenticity that Abigail upholds as an artist. “The most terrifying part of a relationship is being vulnerable and naked emotionally, sharing all your thoughts, fears, and dreams,” she explains the feelings behind the song, “We've all seen how the most valuable relationships require you to let your guard down. When you do open up, it can be the best feeling in the world - but, you have to know that it comes with a risk.” The singer/songwriter is hands-on in her artistic approach, writing her own music and releasing her first single independently . Her creative eye played a role in the production for the video for “the risk,” as she styled all looks & set designs. Abigail spent her teenage years building her foundation around the city, from Puckett’s in Franklin to Nashville’s prestigious Bluebird Café. By age eighteen, she had opened for crowds of ten thousand for acts on headlining tours. “This is my passion, and it has been since I was eleven years old.” After exploring other genres and utilizing experience from her strong musical background, she’s proud to release her most authentic and passionate music to date that she’s ready to share with the world. ...more