Steve Rock

Film – Albany

Steve is from a small upstate NY town called New Lebanon, famous for its race track and picturesque countrysides. He grew up loving Horror and Sci-fi, and would spend weeks playing with Halloween makeup every year, winning quite a few costume contests. That eventually led to some high school horror short films lost amongst stacks of VHS home videos from the 90’s. As time went on, practical makeup and effects became a fascination that continues to this day for Steve. In order to start a film portfolio, Steve and his friends formed Abomination Films and set out to make their first feature film “Dead Burger” a zany zombie comedy which released in 2017. Since then Steve has done effects and acting in several projects big and small, and has worked alongside several production groups and directors in the local 518 area. He’s also a member of 518FilmNetwork and a former member of Upstate Independent Film Network. Abomination Films is in post production on a feature length Sci-fi Film “Gone” which is an alien abduction story, and in preproduction on a horror comedy “Insurance” both are expected to release in 2023. Both projects are written and directed by Steve.