Alfonso D

Visual Art – Providence

Alfonso D. Acevedo is a multi-talented individual from Colombia. He is a writer, audiovisual artist, professional photographer, and poet. He founded America News, a Spanish publication in Rhode Island, in 1992 and also started the website in 2008. Acevedo's artistic journey began with music, studying folklore and popular guitar at the Popular School of Art in Medellín. He later received a scholarship to study opera and music at the Fine Arts Institute. In addition, he worked as a social activist and studied Municipal Planning and Political Science at the Superior School of Public Administration. Acevedo moved to Rhode Island in 1987 and worked as a freelance photographer and writer. He is passionate about visual arts and started the collection "Colors of Colombia" in 1989. He has exhibited his artwork in various galleries and locations, including the Rhode Island Foundation and the US Department of the Interior. Acevedo has also been volunteering as an art teacher at Adams Free Public Library since 1995, providing art programs to low-income families. As a journalist, Acevedo founded the publication Latino de Nueva Inglaterra, which later became America News. This Spanish newspaper is known for its objective and impartial coverage of critical issues in New England.