Fashion – Atlanta

I am TWISTED, I am EDGE, I am CREATIVE, I am ART! My name is Amanda Chapman. I'm from Atlanta, GA. I started out as a graphic designer wanting to design high fashion magazines. Upon graduating I realized that not only did I want to design magazines but I wanted to design the fashion that went in them. Even though most of my background is in retail, I didn't know the first thing about running my own fashion label. I began sketching ideas, and remember thinking what's next. I joined groups on LinkedIn. One member by the name of Raj Arora of Farishta Exports reached out to me and offered me the chance of a lifetime. He invited me to India to source fabrics. Something in my heart told me to make the trip. It was a trip that turned my whole life around. Raj later became my mentor. He taught me about fabrics, manufacturing, production and distribution. In 2012 I introduced my brand, Adnama Nampahc pronounced (A.dän.ä.mä: meaning worthy of love) to the world. Adnama Nampahc is my named spelled backwards. The ADNAMA customer is between the ages 21-35. He/she are city dwellers. They live and lead very social lives in work and play. They enjoy staying current and being the center of attention. They are eccentric, fashion forward and unique. They believe in freedom and self expression. They believe in staying true to themselves and embracing everything that makes them unique.