Agapé Candle Company. {Lotion & Massage Candles}

Craft – Houston

Agapé Candle Company offers a unique "TRIFECTA EXPERIENCE" with our hand poured, organic lotion & massage candles. It's a candle, lotion and massage oil in one. Agapé Candle Company was conceptualized in 2006 by Keisha Ash. Her passion was fused by an unquenchable fetish for scented candles and fragrance. She began making candles because she wanted an organic, distinctive, and environmentally safe candle that would offer a truthful fragrance while maintaining its smell during the life of the candle! In October of 2016, after 15 years of dedication to the state, she was laid off catapulting her into a fulltime business with Agapé Candle Company. The earlier stages of this journey were a bit scary, but she had a word from the Lord.  It was her foundation.  Today, this creative curator, mom, girly girl and cheerleader for women who lift each other up is finding much joy in this journey to becoming a leading Christian brand in the candle industry!