Ahz Moses
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Music – Houston, TX

The name Ahz Moses is the play on the word "osmosis" meaning the balance in a membrane which brings creativity or new ideas. Ahz Moses is a singer,Lyricist, poet and songwriter. His style of which he says has no label, is a blend of Hip Hop profundity and melodic 90's nostalgia that paints a vivid perspective of love and consciousness Ahz began singing at the age 4, writing his first song at age 9. Growing up in a very musical family, Ahz later learned to play the keyboard, where he played for his father's gospel quartet group in Raleigh, NC. Being exposed to musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Fred Hammond and the Winans, Ahz later developed his own taste in music, which included urban artists such as Outkast, Cee Lo Greene, D'angelo, Lauryn Hill and the Neptunes. Throughout high school and college Ahz became a part of several music groups including Hip Hop group, "Move Jimmy" and R&B group "610". When Ahz's family relocated to Houston,TX, he soon followed suite. While writing and performing background vocals for various Houston artists, Ahz Moses found himself frequently being invited to work in Los Angeles as a writer. Upon making the decision to make the move permanently to LA, he soon dropped his first mixtape "Electric Paradigm Shift" in 2012. In 2014 Ahz released his first official single, "Ready". The buzz of his project opened the opportunity for him to tour with artists such as Joe Budden and Kenny Shane. He was furthered the opportunity to honor artists such as Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder. Ahz Moses continues to tour and show around the states. He's currently preparing his official debut project "The Frequency". ...more