Ai\'kan Designs (pronounced Icon)

Accessories – Washington, D.C.

Ai\'kan (pronounced \"I-con\") designer jewelry, based in Washington, DC is an exclusive jewelry line that is uniquely designed by Nakia Fisher. Exotic or contemporary; bold or quiet; trendy or classic; the originality of the designs contribute to making Ai\'kan jewelry a unique and exceptional line of women accessories. Aikan’s mission is to create and provide wearable art that is an extension of one’s character and also generates positive energy to the wearer. The arrival of her eye catching and bold designs hit the DC fashion scene in 2008. Besides participating in the city\'s most sought after shopping events , Ai\'kan has been featured on the runway of DC Fashion Week and in the latest issue of CRAVE DC. Nakia\'s work reflects a union of semi-precious gemstones and precious metals, which achieves a distinctive synergy between her imagination and creativity What started out as a joyful pass time , emerged into a passion and joy for creating edgy designs which continues to evolve with new inspiration. The name Ai\'kan seems fitting for this jewelry line for at this pace, Ai\'kan may surely become an iconic brand, and it doesn\'t hurt that it\'s also Nakia\'s name spelled backwards!! Ai\'kan can be found at and will soon be at select boutiques nationwide.