Fashion – Sacramento

Ajiale (ag GEE ah lay) Couture was established in 2006. A collection of innovative couture, a company she namesake for her daughter Elaija. Ajiale Couture a contemporary couture-clothing brand catering to women from all walks of life size doesn’t matter. Ajiale Couture permits every woman to channel her own beauty. Ajiale doesn’t believe in conformity, it entwines every culture that reflects infatuation and zeal. Every piece is planned with immense execution and strict construction. Ajiale guarantees custom one of a kind pieces, choosing not to create in bulk. Each piece is made with intricate handwork, hand-sewn zippers, and custom created trims. Some pieces are made with recycled fabrics, trims and notions. Ajiale Couture collection includes cutting edge pioneering pieces from crochet swimwear, lingerie and halter tops, dresses, rompers, outwear shorts, gowns, tops, and tee shirts. After studying 1800 corset making and developing a love of corsets, Ajiale also specializing in custom corsets. Ajiale designs appeal to the trendy and sophisticated women. The Designer is passionate and wants every woman to expel her own beauty and uses her creative vision to express it through her clothing.