AKA: Flowerz
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AKA: Flowerz

Visual Art – Ottawa, ONT

AKA:Flowerz is an emerging artist practicing in Ottawa, Canada. Also known as ‘Flowerz’ his work goes anywhere from street art through his painting of murals to painting, drawing and most notably his recent start in the tattoo industry. His art is heavily influenced by the experiences he faces as young adult and the emotions that accompany the.. He graduated from the Introduction to Fine Art Program, Algonquin College, in 2018. While studying, He worked at a tattoo studio for nearly 7 months before continuing his learning experience on his own. He has now begun to find his style which he continues to perfect. ...more

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Showcasing in Ottawa, ONT

ARISE at Saint Brigid's (19+) – 20 Sep 2019 @7:00PM