Alecia Renece
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Music – Washington, DC

Alecia Renece was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, raised in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and and currently resides in Washington, DC. She is a lover, storyteller and multi-passionate artist who uses her life's heartbreaks and triumphs as fuel to create authentic and honest art to share with others. When she discovered that she could use writing as a tool to create worlds and express herself at a very young age, she never stopped. She wrote stories, poems and songs that expressed her truth and seldom shared them with friends and family. Alecia was introduced to music by way of her parents' collection of soul, R&B, and jazz, which greatly influence her style of composing. As an only child, she would often play on her father's keyboard while singing "made up" songs for fun and entertainment. She's been writing and singing ever since. While Alecia enjoys music, writing and art, her goal is to lead and live a beautiful life, to find joy, beauty and contentment in the simple, and to inspire others to do the same. She's just doing her best to enjoy this visit here on Earth, give glory to her Creator and to be a light to those around her. The singer released her debut EP A Bite of My Heart in the Summer of 2017. She is planning to release another project in the Fall of 2018. When she's not taking photos, making music or writing, she can be found having fun with her husband, hanging with friends and family, reading a book, eating and dreaming. ...more