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Alejandra Perez Hernandez was born in Los Angeles, CA., to Guatemalan immigrant parents. She graduated from California State University, Los Angeles. Alejandra is currently a professional Graphic/Web Designer and the Founder of Lil' Geeks, whose main goal is to teach young children the basic of HTML and introduce them to the world of coding. Her First book, "My First HTML," came out in 2018 and is been used to teach young children how most websites are made. Her book was written in an easy to understand language for both children and parents that are unfamiliar to HTML and website development. Since My First HTML, Alejandra is working on translating her book to Spanish to challenge Non-English speakers to learn HTML. She believes that it is important for young children to learn programming languages at an early age. My First HTML is now Available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. ...more

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