Alexander Peuchot

Beauty – Santa Ana

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read a brief bio about myself and my work. My passion is Art. Period. There's nothing I love more than to create and turn a vision into something extraordinary. I have such a curiosity for color, texture, and beauty, and I never live in doubt when it comes to my visions. It's about trial, error and having faith in my intuition. From makeup, to sculpting, to painting, to drawing, I take so much pride in celebrating my Art. When it comes to Makeup, I see it not as a way to conceal a flaw but to reveal truth in ones existing beauty.I see makeup as an extension of all that is beautiful. 14 years of working as an Artist of Beauty, I find that being able to make one look beautiful is exciting, but the ultimate reward is being able to make one feel beautiful. I can't thank RAW enough for allowing me the opportunity to express my visions of beauty. When I showcase my Makeup Shows through RAW, I engage all my artistic elements: Hair, Makeup, styling, painting, designing. Why? I see no boundaries. I represent the Artist behind the brush, the creator behind the colors, the man behind visions. When I come up with my concepts for my beauty shoots, I keep one thing in mind only, that my focus is clear and my point is clear: My model will ALWAYS represent strength and beauty. In my work, my models will be dressed in crown like jewelry or head pieces. Whether simple or extravagant, the head piece represents "Queen". This year, 2011, has been a blessing. I manage and teach at Inglot Cosmetics in Newport Beach, I worked on LMFAO's video "Sexy and I know It", did makeup for an editorial piece in Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, did another conceptual shoot showcasing a woman's strength and innocence, makeup for pop singer Kerli, reality star Vyxen for a fabulous LA RAW showcase, and produced and created Makeup Show lll for RAW at the "OC RAWk Fest" this May! Thank You RAW! You can find pictures of my work at I am grateful for everything, and I look forward to all the new creativity that 2012 will bring me. It's hard to sum up who I am, but I leave this statement with a message to all artists out there: The question is not IF you have a gift, we all have one. But use your gift to make a difference. Through Art, our message is heard, and our soul has spoken. "Imagination is your world of infinite possibilities, never let it die" -Alexander Peuchot "Imagination is your world of endless possibilities, never let it die" -A. Peuchot Alexander Peuchot