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Visual Art – Toronto, ONT

Originally from Montreal, I worked for 15+ years in print advertising, parallel to freelancing as a self-taught Graphic Designer. Upon moving to Toronto ten years ago, I started my boutique graphic design studio working extensively in branding. I did 'okay' for many years, but fell into a corporate rut and was doing repetitive, conservative, predictable work and not happy. In 2016 while facing a personal crossroads, I decided it was time to sharpen my skills… sooo… I went back to school. I also came to the realization that it was time for me to pursue the creative dreams that I had set aside for years. My first love was drawing, then digital illustration and animation, then photography, then graphic design. Incorporating those into my work had to be part of my process. Since then, I have worked on some very exciting projects, like Aftermetoo and recently being part of the design team on a TIFF event, here in Toronto. I've picked up my pencil again, combining but now merging it with my newest love, digital art. ...more