Alex Rosegold
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Music – Milwaukee, WI

Alex is a up and coming 14 year-old pop singer/songwriter from Nashville and Wisconsin. She made her start in music at age 11 when she recorded her first songs in Nashville . She learned to play the guitar at age 12 on her own and writing songs ever since. Alex is also the youngest artist to be on the music app LUM-Live undiscovered music. She will have her debut music videos on cable network this winter . She has three songs coming out which she will perform for you at the show. You can see her at area festivals playing her guitar and singing the songs she wrote. She is excited to announce that in February she will be opening for a big star . But stay tuned soon to hear who it is . She also would love to write songs for movies one day and hopes to make someone's day a little better with the songs she write's. If you would like to find out more about her please check out her Instagram which is below. She can’t wait for you to hear her up coming song called “Fairy Tale!” It will be released this winter with Risk and Nothing to me. "I just get a beat in my head and think of a life experience I've been through because writing is my therapy that gets me through life" Alex Rose Instagram: alex_rosegold ...more