Amahni Philly
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Music – Baltimore, MD

This DMV born and raised Vocalist/singer/songwriter has a sultry and raw soulful baritone vocal styling which has been compared to lions roar. Since he idolizes Legends of soul, R&B, hip-hop & popular music and other present artist of these as well as the jazz/blues Country and gospel genres... He strives for the well rounded and alternative abstract sound to spread across all musical genres. Amahni’s writing style has Inspiring eclectic harmonies and background vocals resembling old school records & doo-wop .... He also is a poet at heart ... Amahni Philly came up in an urban upbringing in which he first developed a love of Old school hiphop/soul/R&b & gospel music that inspired his growth and passion to pursue music. His latest Singles "Waiting Room" & " Forever" available now on all online digital retailers!!! ...more