Visual Art – Boston

{INQUIRIES: at} I'm offbeat and sassy and I like to think that comes across in my art. I am a self-taught abstract and mixed media visual artist. My artwork is created with acrylic paint on mostly canvases. My modus operandi is finding a theme for a human experience and then splashing it all over a form of outlet artistically. My process begins with a quote, which evokes an emotion in me, and after writing the quote on the back of the canvas I let the brush and other instruments guide me as I create the piece. I do not plan or have any expected vision as I am creating, rather the end result is the fruition of interpretation of the processing of certain emotions. After completing each piece, I step into the paint used to create the piece and sign the back of the canvas with my footprint. My artwork has been shown at various showcases across Boston as well as in restaurants. I was a former co-host for a live TV program based out of Boston called “It’s All About Arts.” I am an astrological consultant with over 15 year’s experience and was awarded a scholarship from the RASA School of Astrology. I have a bachelor in arts and I am a software sales professional by day while considering myself a creative magician by night. Long term goals include improving technology system standards for national institutions. I'm instilled with a business mind, an artist's eye, and a healer’s heart. I've been pretty successful staying true to myself, and I am proud of that. I encourage people not to let fear dictate any of their decisions. I want people who feel a pull towards creating art but have yet to embark on the journey to simply begin, as there are no rules in art nor do you need a formal education. Grab a utensil of choice and get after it.