Amanda Mayfield Designs

Fashion – Dallas - Fort Worth

Often people ask me what kind of clothes I design. I have to say \"everything!\" I truly enjoy making everything in the realm of fashion. I love menswear, ready to wear, high end fashion and couture, lingerie, corestry, and tights; I love it all! So I\'m making it all! I grew up in Texas with my grandparents. My great grandmother and grandmother were both seamstresses. They taught me how amazing it was to create something from start to finish; there are no limitations to what you can create if you just try your best. Everything is made entirely by me. I only buy from local fabric companies and warehouses. I design, pattern, cut out, sew up, model, photograph, and sell every single garment/accessory I create. I\'m striving to bring focus back on the smaller fashion designers. I feel like smaller companies have so much to give and can offer a different, more unique, design perspective.