Visual Art – Los Angeles

“I don’t try hiding every little imperfection when I paint. I celebrate the discrepancies, after all, life is comprised of an unbalanced reality. I don’t mind showing that I am human. With flaws, quirks and unexplained mannerisms. These elements are ultimately what define us as individual beings. They either drive us towards each other or away. They are what we fear most, a constant at varying levels of intensity. And they can also inspire ,motivate or humble us, depending on our perception. Most of my painting supplies and canvas are rescued, recycled, found or gifted items. Of course financially it is more responsible to cut down on brand new, and plastic wrapped stark white canvas. However, I genuinely prefer to use the character and abandoned surfaces of old shelving, wood planks, and vintage windows for the existing inspiration such a piece presents. I am magnetized to the untouched potential lying within. I tend to view potential in the same light as imperfection. In art and in life, potential wouldn’t be relevant without the possibility for improvement. It is my perception,my vision of what could potentially be that transforms ideas to Art. CHOOSE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. ALLOW A PREDICAMENT TO BECOME A POSSIBILITY.”