Ameerah K.

Visual Art – Philadelphia

I'm a 24 year old artist from Philadelphia, PA. I've been drawing and painting since the age of two. My craft as been nurtured by Fleisher Art Memorial, Creative and Perfroming Arts High School, Moore College of Art, and several independent art classes I've taken throughout my adulthood. I've always found art to be my most gratifying release in expressing myself, that being said, all of my works have a bit of myself in them. As a African-American Muslim woman, alot of my work reflects my struggle, celebration, and the sterotypes I deal with by being all three of these things. My ultimate goal as an artist is to inform, infury, and instigate conversations on topics that are being swept under the rug for too long. I do, however, enjoy the tranquility of still-lifes, the excitement of portraits, and pieces to be appreciated for simply their design.